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Clinics & Exams

Welcome to the Farrier Trainers of Canada Exams & Clinics page. Here, you can conveniently register for exams and AFTC events on our website, and stay informed about upcoming exam dates and locations by checking our calendar of events below.

Examination Fees

Exam Costs as an Entirety

First level exam                                                                                                          $200.00

Second Level Exam – Non Registered Apprentice                                            $300.00

Second Level Exam – Registered Apprentice                                                     $250.00

Third Level Exam                                                                                                      $350.00

Purchase A.J.F.C Certification – Current J.F credentials & portfolio            $500.00

Individual sections of a Level

Theory exam                                                                                                              $50.00

Forging exam                                                                                                             $75.00

Trimming/Shoeing exam                                                                                        $275.00

Oral exam                                                                                                                    $50.00

All parts of the final exam taken at the same occasion.                                    $350.00

Online study material, practice exercise, quizzes, test and exams, click HERE

Access to most material/video                                              FREE

30 Day Access to all content                                                $30.00 USD

1 year Access to all content                                                 $100.00 USD

Register for an Exam

Exams can be registered for by selecting the  pre-scheduled exam date on our Calendar of Events that works for you. Be sure to check the 'Exam Checklist' found in your Account and on the Program page before registering. 

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