Apprentice application process

Begin by having your desired training farrier complete a letter of support for your application. Create a resume outlining your horse experience and any relevant training. You can include photographs, video or links to media that will support your application. Contact the registrar to find out when applications are being accepted and any deadlines you need to be aware of. Submit your application to the registrar before the deadline. Ensure to include current contact information, email address and phone number.

Training Farrier Application Process

Send a resume outlining past and current farriers you have trained. A letter of support from one farrier you have trained and from a current trainee if you have one. Details of competition record and any credentials from any farrier organization. A current criminal record check must be included in the application. Describe the type of farrier business and what work facilities you can offer the apprentice. Send to the registrar of the association.
Complete details on applying to be recognized as a training farrier can be found here.