If you plan to do any level of exam pay attention to the following!

  1. Several months before the exam.
  2. Create a portfolio of good examples of your trimming and shoeing. (A portfolio is just a collection of photo’s and text showing you have the skills to attempt the level of exam you are registering for)
  3. Send the portfolio and full payment to the registrar well in advance of the deadline for the exam.
  4. Create time in your schedule to study for the online theory, practical session with the veterinary examiner. And to practice the practical skills in the required time.
  5. Have at least one mentor to help you improve any areas you are weak on.
  6. Several weeks before the exam.
  7. Do several complete practices of the practical portion of the exam in the required time.
  8. Have an additional person other than your mentor evaluate the work.
  9. Act on the feedback.
  10. Ensure you are a member in good standing of one of the supporting associations.
  11. Check that all of your tools and safety equipment is in good order for inspection at the exam site.
  12. Several days before the exam.
  13. Check that you received a username and password for the theory exam website.
  14. Check location, date and time of the exam.
  15. Give your tools a final tuning up.
  16. Ensure you have any supplies you may need for the practical parts of the exam.
  17. Exam day.
  18. Be there early.