Association Structure

The  Story

Farrier Trainers of Canada is a new association that focuses on farrier accreditation through the process of examination. We aim to establish a Canadian standard for farriery that is internationally recognized. The standard that is set in place allows for a structured training and exam process for individuals in their first to four years of apprenticing all the way to the journeyman level. We believe in creating a higher and more consistent standard of farrier knowledge and skills across Canada with the possibility of regulation in the future. AFTC focuses on both hard and soft skills of being a farrier; that includes anatomy, professional communication, forging and shoeing skills.

If farriers are to be recognized as a group of professionals there needs to be a more complete education model to learn the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required of farriers today. It was decided at a meeting held in Langley B.C. during the winter of 2018 that an apprenticeship was the best way forward. Just as other trades use lengthy and recognized apprenticeships, so too can the farrier industry. Looking outside of the country, the model most admired is the system in the United Kingdom, the Worshipful Company of Farriers. That organization has been the template used to create the Canadian model. A diverse group of farriers from across the country has met online regularly since October 2019 to develop a Canadian farrier apprenticeship program and accreditation.

The apprenticeship program has a duration of 3-5 years. With apprentice exam Levels 1 and 2 recommended to be taken within the first 1-3 years of an individual’s apprenticeship. After that a candidate may challenge their Level 3 exam which is equivalent to a Journeyman. If successful with their Level 3 exam the individual will receive their

       Approved Journeyman Farrier of Canada, A.J.F.C.




Association Structure

The AFTC membership is made up of all members in good standing of regional farrier associations of Canada that support the A.F.T.C. There is no membership fee for individual members. However, each regional association is expected to contribute financially to support the A.F.T.C.

The A.F.T.C. board is created from two members from each regional association. The executive of the A.F.T.C. is elected by the board members.

The board will decide apprentice placements, exams dates and locations, and awarding of credentials.

Exams outcomes will be evaluated by examiners. Each exam will have a minimum of three examiners, two farrier and one veterinary examiner.